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What are the benefits
of Coconut Oil?

  • Entirely natural oil that
         hydrates, nourishes, and
  • Restores a healthy glow
         to skin and hair.
  • Absorbs quickly and
         deeply into the skin with
         no greasy after-feel.
  • Extracted from fresh
         coconuts and free of
         chemicals or additives.
  • Naturally occurring
         proteins, vitamins and
        protective antioxidants.
  • Ideal for all skin types

  • How to Use

    Virgin coconut oil will solidify at temperatures below 76 giving it a creamy texture. Scoop a small amount into palm and massage into skin. For best results use daily. Also apply to hair for a pre- shampoo treatment.

    Pure Virgin Coconut Oil

    For thousands of years, the fruit of the coconut tree and it's life- giving oil and milk have bestowed health and radiance to the skin and hair of the South Pacific Islanders. Exposed to the blistering sun, wind and weather conditions they are still famed for their beautiful hair and skin. If it protects and beautifies in harsh conditions, imagine what it will do for your skin in your environment.

    Many skin care products today use highly refined vegetable oils devoid of all natural protective antioxidants (vitamins A, C, E & beta-carotene). These oxidized vegetable oils lead to destructive free-radicals (renegade molecules that cause damage to cells &tissues). Once a free-radical reaction is started it can cause a chain reaction that produces more free radicals, which ultimately damages thousands of molecules. The only way our body has to fight them is with antioxidants. When a free radical comes into contact with an antioxidant, the chain reaction is stopped. For this reason, it is good to have plenty of antioxidants in our cells and tissues to protect us. The number of antioxidants we have in our tissues is determined to a large extent by the nutrients in our diet. Having anti-oxidants in skin care products is important, too.

    Coconut Spa's Virgin Coconut Oil is useful in fighting free-radicals, as it is unrefined, free of impurities and hasn't been stripped of its natural antioxidant components - vitamins A, C, E, and beta- caratene.

    Choose From Natural or Lemon-Lime --
    Both purely natural

    The "Natural" is entirely natural and contains absolutely no chemicals, additives or fragrance. The scent is only that of the coconut.

    "Lemon-Lime" is also entirely natural. Pure essential oils of Lemon and Lime with their refreshing, uplifting scents have been added to improve circulation, eliminate toxins and fight infection.

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