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Coconut Sugar Scrubs

The extraordinary combination of Virgin Coconut Oil and Sugar Cane Crystals gently buffs away aging skin cells, unclogs pores and restores your skin to a healthy glow.

Our skin produces new skin cells the old dry, cracked surface skin cells need to be sloughed off to make way for the healthier newer ones. Exfoliation makes it easier for your skin to absorb moisture to make your skin smoother, juicier, and less wrinkled.

This luscious tropical treatment, it is made with the finest quality organic hand pressed virgin coconut oil from the Philippines and pure cane sugar crystals from Hawaii. Entirely natural, the alphahydroxyl agents in the sugar combined with the deep moisturizing properties of virgin coconut oil gentle removes dirt and toxins from the skins outer layer while enhancing blood flow to the skins surface.

Pure Sugar Cane has been used to treat cuts and wounds and speed up the healing process, while also reducing the growth of bacteria. It also helps speed up the healing process of your skin, while reducing bacteria growth (free radicals) and enhancing circulation.

Choose From Natural or Lemon-Lime --
Both purely natural

The "Natural" is entirely natural and contains absolutely no chemicals, additives or fragrance. The scent is only that of the coconut.

"Lemon-Lime" is also entirely natural. Pure essential oils of Lemon and Lime with their refreshing, uplifting scents have been added to improve circulation, eliminate toxins and fight infection.

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Benefits of the
Coconut Sugar
Body Scrub

  • Coconut oil and cane
        sugar crystals free of
        chemicals or additives.
  • Naturally occurring
        proteins, vitamins and
        protective antioxidants.
  • Safe for all ages and
        skin types.

  • How to Use

    Massage the Coconut Sugar Body Scrub into wet skin, concentrating on the problem areas. Rinse and towel dry. For best results use at least 2-3 times per week followed with our Pure Virgin Coconut Oil. This product contains oil and make some surfaces slippery. It is normal for the oil to alternate between liquid and solid states.
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